Why craft beer?

Our beers are handcrafted where we carefully select the best ingredients respecting times and processes to obtain a premium quality beer.

We are the best craft beer in Mexico

Mula Prieta

Full-Bodied Ale style beer which represents the character and identity of an English Porter. At first sight its dark brown and persistent creamy foam stands out. Smooth and Creamy mouthfeel, clear notes of toasted malts and coffee are perceived with the presence of resinous English hops. Its complex and unique nature makes it perfect to enjoy with a wide spectrum of flavors, inviting you to take every last drop.


Light-bodied Ale style beer which will take you to an enjoyable journey across the tropical beaches of Mexico where a fresh beer is appreciated. At first sight its golden appearance stands out along with its white foam.
Smooth and Light Mouthfeel, notes of malt and citrus fruits are perceived coming from its American hops. Its friendly and uncomplicated nature makes it the perfect ally to immerse yourself in the world of craft beers.

Abv 4.5%    Srm 3     Ibu 20